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Models / Honey Hera

Avg Rating: 5.0

Honey Hera Vital Stats:
hair:  Blonde
ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Busty and Toned
bestfeature:  Gorgeous Newcomer
datejoined:  9 September 2021
twitter:  @hera_honey

Every now and then a new girl comes on the scene and you just know she is destined to be a big star. Such is the case with stunning new girl Honey Hera who was on her first ever porn shoot when she visited the CumPerfection studio.
The beautiful 26 year old blonde from the midlands of England has a flawless body that she keeps toned at the gym. She has enhanced breasts but they are a proportional C cup and look amazing.
She is a swinger in her private life and was encouraged to get into the adult industry by her boyfriend who loves watching her with other men! She loves sucking dick and is happy with cum on her face or in her mouth . . you choose!
Honey Hera Updates

Emergency Cum Extraction
Honey Hera March 7, 2024
Nurse Honey is faced with a patients balls so full they are about to explode, so she performs an emergency cum extraction with her hands, lips, tongue and throat until his life threatening giant load coats her entire face. Listen to what she wants you to do to her...
Decorate Her Face
Honey Hera January 18, 2024
Honey has "decorated" a clients pad. He finds fault with her work but no fault with her pussy, slamming his knob deep inside until he explodes all over her innocent face.
Girls Watch Porn Too
Honey Hera December 21, 2023
Honey is having a nice wank watching her favourite porn wishing she had a cock there when one walks in. She wastes no time throating the massive member until a heavy, thick load hits her face and glues her eyes shut. Hear Honey's comments as she watches the facial back.
Saucy Sauna
Honey Hera October 19, 2023
Honey is in a public sauna when she notices a guy playing with himself. As a good little slut should she sucks his cock deep until he unloads a huge amount of jiz all over her posh face. Watch her twist her clit with the cum dripping down.
Don't Respect Me!
Honey Hera March 30, 2023
Honey's boyfriend treats her with kid gloves when it comes to sex. He thinks she is some sort of "lady". Honey shows him she really isn't by sitting on his face and throating his dick until he spews his heavy man juice all over her face. Watch Honey twist her clit 'till she cums with his cum running...
Bad Santa
Honey Hera December 22, 2022
Santa is completely pissed off with selfish bitches demanding luxurious presents. So when Honey asks for ridiculous presents he decides to make her give him a Christmas present by sucking, fucking and whoring her completely until she gets a big fat wad of sperm dumped into her gob.
Winning Her Mouth
Honey Hera June 23, 2022
Honey's partner has lost everything in a poker game. He had nothing left and gambled her mouth to be used and lost. When Honey hears it is Jonny she is secretly pleased and really works his cock with all her might until she is rewarded with a huge, thick wad of man juice all over her pretty face. Great...
Keep Her Fans Happy
Honey Hera March 17, 2022
One of Honey's fans on her channel has requested seeing her blow a cock and take a facial. Honey isn't sure as she has never taken cum on her face. She blows and wanks the cock until it spews a huge load of jizz all over her face. She loves it and becomes so horny she plays with herself until she reaches...
Spying Cheerleader
Honey Hera November 25, 2021
Honey is spying on her naked teacher. When he realises she is there she wastes no time grabbing his cock and wanking him off until he dumps a big load all over her face. Watch her twist her clit until she cums with all that cum drying on her face.
Keep His Secret
Honey Hera September 9, 2021
Honey has been watching her neighbour John filming Porn for CumPerfection in his garden. She won't tell the Landlord if he coats her face with a thick wad of cum. This is Honey's Porn debut so listen to what she has to say in a remarkable BTS.